La Mancina Jewelry

Via dei Serragli 25 rosso, 50124 Firenze ( Italia )

La Mancina (that means the left-handed) is Marta, a Venetian in love with Florence who decided to open her workshop here in 2020.

Her bijoux are characterized by bright colors and organic shapes, and want to convey an ironic and naive joy. Marta has always felt “The left-handed”, not only because she writes and draws with her left hand, but because she through her creations wants to recall a different point of view of seeing things;
La Mancina is also mainly a material: glazed papier-mâché, a compound of recycled paper, industrial waste ceramic powder and resin, which embodies the beauty of ceramics and the lightness of paper, with a view to attention to the environment.

Marta has always been fascinated and intrigued by the casual imperfection, which in her creations is found among the ripples of the paper or in the molded profiles of the wax which is then melted into metal: allowing yourself to imperfection means moving away from the ambition of its opposite your human dimension and accept yourself as you are.

La Mancina bijoux are handmade one by one and are therefore all unique pieces.