Large Tree of Life Pendant in Dendritic White Opal and Copper

55,00 TAX inc. ( USD 63,82 )



  • Handmade in Florence by L'atelier Artisanal (Borgo Pinti 75r)
  • 100% natural stone and pure copper (oxidized)


Opal is the gem of seduction, non-conformism, happiness and optimism par excellence.
It gives the wearer an aura of mystery and charisma. It intensifies the joy of living, makes it more spontaneous and strengthens feelings.
It is a fragile stone, it contains a lot of water (up to 20%) but truly unique and of great charm.
Dendritic opal, as we have seen, is connected to the element of water, it amplifies emotions, but at the same time, thanks to its beautiful black designs, called dendrites, it is also linked to the element of earth and the plant world: it brings abundance and prosperity.
I love dendritic opal very much because it reminds me of beautiful winter landscapes under the snow, I wear it very often in the heart of winter, its white color gives a deep and relaxing light.